Gel Nails: Diamond French Manicure

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I’ve always known that gel nails (shellac, etc) is damaging to your natural nails, but I decided to give it a try anyway. After all, it definitely has it’s perks! 1-2 weeks wear with no chipping? Yes, please!

First, let me say NEVER AGAIN. My once long and beautiful nails are now weak and breaking. I had to cut them all off, all because of gel nails. It was nice having perfectly manicured nails for 2 weeks, but not worth the outcome. I’ll explain:

During removal, your nails are wrapped in cotton soaked with pure acetone, and covered in aluminum foil. If the manicurist is rushing (or simply unskilled), he/she will take the acetone off prematurely, and file or scrape the remnants of gel off. This weakens and damages your natural nail, causing it to split and/or break. If the gel is removed correctly, it is a time consuming process, reapplying the acetone cotton as needed. 

All that said, I will not be getting gel nails any time in the near future. When I do, it will be from a knowledgeable manicurist who takes their time to do the job right. 

One last thing: The UV lamp should NEVER be painful! No matter what they tell you, the ONLY reasons it will ever hurt are if your natural nails have been over-filed, or if they applied the gel polish too thick. Now that you’re armed with this new found knowledge, make sure your nails are properly taken care of!

Here is my last gel manicure, before I had to cut all my nails off:

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