My Top 10 Favorite Beauty Products

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I’m always on the lookout for the newest and best beauty products.  Below are my current 10 favorites, and why.  Try some out!

10.  MAC Eyebrow Pencil.  This eyebrow pencil is self sharpening, which is a huge plus in my book.  The quality is exceptional – it never breaks off!  Once you blend this into your eyebrows (I use “Spiked”), you can’t even tell you’re wearing it.  I’m a repeat buyer, and I recommend this to everyone!  $16.00 at MAC stores.


9.  Physician’s Formula Mineral Glow Pearls.  This powder is boss!  I bought Beige Pearl.  Sweet this over your cheekbones, brow bone, forehead, and wherever else you want a radiant glow.  Some people even use it all over for a dewy look.  Comes in a cute little compact with a brush and mirror.  Even the packaging is great!  $10.63 at Walmart.

8.  Nair Hair Remover Lotion with Baby Oil.  The only hair remover I’ve found without that yucky pungent odor!  Works SUPER quick and ALWAYS removes all my hair.  I use this on my arms and legs and couldn’t be happier!  It leaves your skin feeling super soft and silky.  For me personally, results last for up to 2 weeks and hair grows back thinner and less noticeably.  $4.94 at Walmart!  Awesome.

7.  Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss in Pink Pop.  Wow.  This is such a beautiful, radiant, and glossy medium pink.  I can’t say much for it’s staying power, because I have to reapply after meals, and it wears off throughout the day.  BUT… the color and shine are fabulous! $7.99 at Ulta.

6.  Pepto Bismol.  Under beauty products??  Absolutely!  After washing and drying your face as you normally would, take a cotton ball and apply a coat of Pepto Bismol.  Wait about 10 minutes, then rub off with a warm wet washcloth.  Pepto Bismol contains aspirin and salicylic acid which cleans out pores and brightens dull skin.  This is not for everyday use, as it can become super drying.  Once a week is enough!  $5.48 at Walmart.

5.  St. Ives Invigoration Apricot Scrub.  This has been my everyday cleanser for the past decade!  It gently exfoliates, keeping your skin healthy, clear, and soft.  This is one of the few exfoliants that is safe for everyday use AND works great!  It’s getting harder to find, which is quite sad.  Most stores stay stocked with the Blemish and Blackhead Control, but not Invigorating Apricot Scrub.  So far, Target has been the only store that consistently keeps it in stock.  $3.29 at Target.

4.  Chanel Chance Eau Tendre.  I can’t even describe this scent… It’s just glorious!  Imagine the joy of seeing pink unicorns dancing atop a diamond encrusted rainbow while it’s raining glitter.  That, my loves, is the joy of Chanel Chance Eau Tendre.  And the staying power is unbelievable!  As if it doesn’t already smell magnificent enough at first spritz, it somehow smells even MORE magical after several hours of wear.  Ahhhhhh….. PERFECTION!!!!  $115 at Macy’s.

3.  Crest 3D Whitestrips.  The original ones.  I always get compliments on how white my teeth are, even from dentists!  Even when I was a smoker!  Now that’s really saying something.  The newer versions don’t seem to work as well, and cause more sensitivity.  Especially the 2 Hour Express Whitestrips that you leave on for 2 hours.  It causes terrible tooth pain!  So I stick with the tried and true; the original.  Love it.  $31.99 at Target.

2.  Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat.  I don’t know how I lived without this stuff!  It literally dries in less than 2 minutes to a fabulously shiny finish… and it STAYS fabulously shiny!  Some people complain that it makes their polish peel within 1-2 days.  That definitely will happen if you don’t apply it correctly!  The trick is to apply Seche Vite while your nail color is still somewhat wet.  If you do it this way, I promise you it will last, without chipping or peeling!  I use it this way, and my manicures last for 7 days.  Possibly longer – I just redo them every week because I get bored with the color… but on day 7, my nails still look fresh and perfect.  $7.99 at Sally’s Beauty Supply.

1.  Covergirl Outlast Stay Fabulous 3-in-1 Foundation.  THE HOLY GRAIL OF MAKEUP!!!  This is a liquid foundation that dries to a matte, powdery finish.  The coverage is medium to full, and is very buildable.  It is a primer, concealer, and foundation all in one.  Seriously, what’s not to love?  The coverage is flawless – after it dries, you cant even tell you’re wearing foundation.  It lasts ALL DAY, no touchups needed!  Boom.  $9.47 at Walmart.

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