Stranded in Amarillo, TX!

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Our move from Nashville, TN to San Francisco, CA was fun and memorable, with lots of great sites to see!  It was also memorable for a not so fun reason… We got stranded on I40 in Amarillo, TX!  It was just our luck that we got stranded on the HOTTEST day of the week, too.  It was miserably hot, and there were insects I didn’t even know exist buzzing around everywhere.  A mutant grasshopper/dragonfly/cicada thing landed on my husband’s back, and I ran away screaming! In retrospect, the look of sheer terror on his face was hilarious!  He froze and kept yelling, “WHAT IS IT?! WHERE IS IT?!” I was no help at all… All I could do was scream and do a little dance.

I didn’t escape unscathed either.  I scored a pretty awesome insect bite on my arm that looks like it’s housing a colony of larva.  I’ve been Googling it, and have convinced myself that a Botfly has laid eggs under my skin.  Yeah, I do watch Monsters Inside Me!  In my defense though, Botflies DO live in Texas, especially where there is cattle and livestock.  Wouldn’t you know, less than a mile from where our car stopped, was a field of AT LEAST 10,000 cows.  The smell was horrendous!

Back to the car… we called the Highway Patrol and their line was busy.  So, we were forced to call 911.  Long story short, 3 1/2 hours later, a tow truck finally arrived! He drove us 30 minutes back from the way we had already driven (farther away from our California destination), and dropped our luggage off at a hotel.  While unloading, a bird pooped on my arm!  The same arm that has botfly larva in it!

Two days later, our car was fixed, and we were back on our way to California.  What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right?



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