A Testimony of God’s Greatness

A lot of people keep their testimonies to themselves for fear of being judged or called “crazy”. I get it. I felt the same way, too. But now I feel like I’m being nudged to share, so I will! Yes, there will be those who think I’m a delusional “Jesus Freak”, but there will also be those who these testimonies help. And if I encourage even just ONE person, then it’s worth it. So here goes!

The day before Thanksgiving weekend in 2002, I went to the hospital for a routine gallbladder removal. It was a same day surgery, meaning I’d be released early that same morning. This was my first surgery, other than the C-section I had 2 months prior, so I was understandably nervous.

I had trouble waking up from the anesthesia, and heard the nurses complaining about the anesthesiologist ALWAYS giving patients too much medicine, making it difficult for them to wake up and function. I was loopy out of my mind, and even needed help “walking” to the restroom to make sure my bladder was working. The poor nurses basically had to drag me there. Just when I thought I was about to be released, I was told I had to stay overnight because my pressure was slightly lower than it was before the surgery. 110/70, which is healthy, but they said I needed to be admitted out of precaution.

Literally the very next thing I remember was being woken up a little after midnight by 2 nurses who seemed very concerned, yet a little clueless. They were wearing the old school white nurse uniforms, complete with the hats. They asked me if I had emptied my bladder yet, and the answer was no. Not one single person had been in my room to check on me since I was admitted at 10am that morning. They sat me up, and I immediately began gasping for breath. The 2 nurses looked at each other, and one asked the other, “Why is she breathing like that?”. Scared and frustrated, I snapped, “IT’S BECAUSE I CAN’T BREATHE!” After my breathing settled a bit, they walked me to the bathroom. While in there, I started gasping for air again. They helped me back to the bed and checked my blood pressure. 85/60, my oxygen saturation was 80%, and my heart rate was soaring! They didn’t even try to cover up what a huge emergency this was, and said I was probably bleeding out. At this point I was going in and out of consciousness.

The next time I regained consciousness, it was 1:00am and the surgeon was at the foot of my bed telling me that I had to go back in for emergency surgery. Apparently he had accidentally cut my liver during the gallbladder removal, and active bleeding was filling my abdominal cavity. Then I was out again.

The next time I woke up, I was in the operating room convulsing, with an anesthesia mask over my face. Out again.

I woke up briefly the next evening, and was out again until the next day. That’s when I learned I had lost so much blood that I needed a blood transfusion. This time I had a drainage tube to measure the amount of bleeding. I was in the hospital for another week recovering.

You might be asking yourself where the testimony is. Well, I believe in my soul that those 2 nurses were angels sent from God. NO ONE in that hospital wore those old uniforms. They all wore blue scrubs. NO ONE had come to check on me, take vitals, or anything at all. If those 2 nurses hadn’t come in, I’d be dead. Leaving behind a 2 month old baby, doting husband, mother, and brother.

To say this was a traumatic time is an understatement. Full recovery seemed to take FOREVER. But I survived. ALL THANKS TO GOD! I still have a big scar across my side, and my stomach is a little misshapen from a …. not so great job. But it’s a scar of victory.

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