10 Things Only 80’s Kids Will Remember

Ahhh, the 80s… Life was so simple!

1. This is Your Brain on Drugs

These were PSA commercials warning about the dangers of drugs. They played ALL. THE. TIME.

2. Cable Box

Remotes didn’t exist. You had to walk to the TV and manually choose one out of a whopping 30 cable channels.

3. Fisher Price See ‘n Say

“The cow says…MOOOO!” I’m convinced absolutely every child had one of these.



4. Sit Ubu, Sit

This played at the end of most kid’s shows, and you couldn’t help but talk and bark along!

5. Cricket Doll

This doll had a cassette player embedded in her back, and her mouth would move along with the words. Cricket taught lots of things like the seasons, and even how to say the alphabet backwards! She also had different outfits. Mine was possessed.

6. Slap Bracelets

These bracelets had metal inside that allowed it to curl around your wrist when slapped against it. Sometimes it could hurt quite a bit!

7. Keebler Magic Middles

When you had these in your lunch box, everybody wanted one. They were shortbread cookies with chocolate fudge in the middle.

8. NBC The More You Know

These NBC specific commercials discussed serious issues like abuse and drugs, and usually played during kids/teen shows. In the 80s, no one talked about sensitive subjects like these.

9. Parachute Pants

All the cool kids had a pair, or wanted a pair. They were made of nylon and worn fitted, and announced your presence with a friction noise.

10. Sit N Spin

80s kids were way too easy to please. You sat on this toy, curled your legs around, and used the “steering wheel” to spin yourself stupid, or at the very least, sick. And we loved it.

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